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Are you a current student or recent alumni of a pre-university institution?

We are Nicholas and Sofia from CareerContact. As young adults who have recently graduated from junior college, we too had (and still do have) many questions about our future:

Have you ever had these questions but did not know who to turn to?

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CareerContent with CareerContact

Held from now until 23 December, you will:

(1) PLAN your future with adapted materials from Stanford's Design Your Life course

  • Curated materials which will equip you with thinking tools to start planning your very own future pathways!

(2) EXPLORE your career options with our pre-recorded webinars

  • Get full access to our past webinars covering a wide range of industries such as healthcare, fintech, law, finance, and social entrepreneurship. 

(3) BUILD connections with professionals during your Chat Session

  • Ask questions and gain firsthand insights from professionals in the industry you are interested in - we will help put you in touch! 

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"Gained a better understanding of the lives of psychologist, physiotherapist and some daily challenges they may face which i wouldn't normally hear about in other sessions"

"I really liked learning more about the fintech industry in an engaging way! The various experiences of the speakers were interesting and their sharing enabled me to have a greater understanding [of] the industry to make a better decision for my future career"
- Students' feedback on CareerContact webinars
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Registration closes on 8 December, 11.59pm!

We promise you that it’ll be an enriching experience to learn more about yourself and your future.

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Nicholas and So Hyun